Eugene Karataev

I create stuff with JavaScript.


My projects

html5 games HTML5 games

These games were made with Phaser (canvas) in 2014-2015. They are playable on all devices (mobile, desktop).

I Know Art 2
Doodle Connect
Don't Cross the Line
Popping Pals
Plus One
I Know Art

flash games Flash games

Flash games were very popular until iPhone pops up. I made these games in 2008-2014.

Nowdays you need to enable flash player in your browser to play Flash games.

Mustache Time
Drawfender Level Pack
New Splitter Pals
Wake Up the Box 5
Wake Up the Box 4
Wake Up the Box 3
Splitter Pals
Wake Up the Box 2
Wake the Royalty
Wake Up the Box
Splitter 2
Air Battle